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Summer Designs

The summer season is finally here. It’s time for BBQs and beach days! Get inspired for seasonal decorating and fun adventures with our Summer Collection. Whether you’re hanging out on the beach, living on lake time, or getting ready for a 4th of July picnic, Annalee has a design to help you kick off your summer with smiles.


Summer Fun From Days Gone By…

Summer has always been a favorite season for Annalee decorating! Original creator Annalee Thorndike was inspired by her summer adventures in New England and loved to capture these summer fun moments in her designs. We’re happy to share a few pictures of some of her early creations dating back to the 1950s. Annalee spent a lot of her life in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region and loved to capture beach days in her humorous and animated manner. Summer designs often captured swimmers, divers, bathing beauties, snorkelers, and even water skiers. Here are a few pictures from our archives.

Annalee Historical Summer Scene Image
The Thorndike Family admiring a summer scene.

Archive SummerDesigns_Page1Archive Summer Page 2

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And without further ado, here are our TOP 5 DESIGNS FOR SUMMER ’17. Each of these designs is part of our popular Assembled in America Collection. This unique collection features dolls assembled by our design team at our headquarters in Meredith, New Hampshire. These are limited-edition dolls. Only 500 of each are made and each is individually signed by the designer. Hurry, don’t wait to get yours before they are all sold out!6 inch smores mouse

#5 Smores Mouse

Here’s a cute camper mouse that is enjoying a favorite childhood treat—smores! Celebrate childhood memories with Annalee!

6 inch hot dog dandy mouse

#4 Hot Dog Dandy Mouse

Show your patriotic pride with this red, white, and blue mouse! He wears an Uncle Sam top hat and holds a hot dog—a great decoration for your summertime picnic.

6 inch beach bum mouse

#3 Beach Bum Mouse

Here’s a great summer design celebrating a day at the beach! This 6-inch amber mouse holds a classic yellow floatie and a red sand pail. He’s ready for some fun in the sun! He goes great with “Scuba Sally.”

5in Lakeside Mouse

#2 Lakeside Mouse

This nautical mouse makes a perfect gift for the family that loves to have fun at the water. Whether it’s a mascot for your boat, a decoration for your camp, or a souvenir from a memorable family vacation, this 5-inch Lakeside Mouse will make you smile.

Scuba Girl Mouse

#1 Scuba Sally Mouse

This fun-loving summer mouse, wearing a mask and snorkel and carrying a beach ball, is ready to hit the beach! “Scuba Sally” is assembled in Meredith, New Hampshire, by Annalee designers. Its special hang tag is signed, numbered, and dated by the designer.

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