Questions About Annalee

How can I receive the latest information from Annalee?

You can visit the “Contact Us” page, or you can contact our Customer Service department by phone at: 1-800-433-6557 or by email: . You can also write to us at Annalee, 339 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, NH 03253. Please provide us with your mailing address, daytime telephone number and email address.

Is there really an Annalee?

Yes. Barbara Annalee Davis was born in Concord, New Hampshire in 1915. Annalee passed away after a short illness in her home, on April 7, 2002.

When was the company started?

Annalee first made the dolls as a hobby while she was a teen. During the mid 1950’s she and her husband Charles “Chip” Thorndike turned her hobby into a business.

Where is Annalee Dolls located?

Annalee is located at 339 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, New Hampshire. We are located in the center of the state, a scenic area near Lake Winnipesaukee, approximately two hours drive north from Boston.

Where or how are the dolls made?

Designers develop all their designs and prototypes in Meredith, New Hampshire. Once new designs are completed, they are manufactured to our high standards by Asian artisans who have been trained in all aspects of our doll making techniques. A rigid quality control process insures that every doll meets our tough standards of quality.

May I visit Annalee Dolls?

Yes, we invite you to shop the Annalee Gift Shop for the newest doll collections or find a treasured design from years past. The Annalee Gift Shop is located at 339 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, NH, 03253.

Questions About Shopping for Annalee Dolls

Where can I buy the dolls?

There are 3 easy ways to shop for Annalee dolls:

  • Shop online:
  • Shop a store near you: Enter your zip code to find a retailer
  • Shop by phone: Call Annalee customer service at 800-433-6557.

When is the Annalee Gift Shop open?

The Annalee Gift Shop is open 7 days a week, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We are located at 339 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, NH, 03253.

Does Annalee offer shipping on doll purchases?

Yes, we ship dolls through our mail order programs. You can reach customer service at: 1-800-433-6557

What are your shipping and handling costs?

Shipping costs are as follows:

Purchase Total Shipping Charge
0 – $99 Economy $12.99
$99 and above FREE (Ships Economy)
Flat Rate 2-Day

Flat Rate-Overnight

Oversized Items




Shipping costs are based on order total for each unique shipping address. 2nd Day Delivery & Overnight Delivery options are available. Free shipping is valid only on orders shipped within the continental US.

As of February 1, 2022, Annalee Dolls has instituted a $3.99 handling fee on every order. This fee helps to cover the cost of record high ocean freight, overland trucking and expenses related to fulfillment. Handling fees are charged once per order, not to each individual product in an order. We believe that this is only temporary!

Can I have a custom doll made?

Sorry, we are not taking requests for custom dolls at this time. However, we do have a popular Personalized Mice Collection. These customizable designs make the perfect heartfelt gift and bring festive cheer to any season. Each unique design comes with custom options including hair color and base color, so that you can personalize a one-of-a-kind gift.

What is your policy on returning dolls?

To ensure you, or your recipient, will love the Annalee gift(s) you purchased from Annalee Dolls, all items are eligible for our 30-day return policy. You can return any item, in its original condition, within 30 days for a refund or an exchange.

  • Simply, complete the return/exchange form that is enclosed with every purchase
  • Include the return/exchange form in the package when shipping back your item(s)
  • We recommend insuring your package.
  • Upon receipt, your refund or new item will be processed in just a few days.

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact Annalee customer service at 800-433-6557 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 4:30pm, E.T.)or

If your purchase is damaged in transit, please call us immediately at 800-433-6557 to request a replacement. We will arrange to have the damaged merchandise picked up at your residence at no additional cost to you.

Does Annalee accept checks when purchasing by telephone?

We do not accept checks by telephone. If you would like to use a check, please mail it in with your order to Annalee Dolls, 339 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, NH 03253.

How can I get information about my vintage Annalee dolls?

To help date your dolls or to see what they may be worth in the current market, check out

I can’t login, How can I reset my password?

Instructions for resetting you password can be found here.

Questions About Doll Care

Does Annalee repair dolls?

Annalee Dolls does not repair dolls. Other customers happily recommend, Linda Wolf*, an independent contractor. You may text Linda with your inquiry at 775-455-2438. *Please note: Linda Wolf is not affiliated with Annalee Dolls.

How can I protect my Annalee dolls from fading?

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, one concern rises to the top of our list, and that is fabric fading. All dyed fabrics are prone to fading, to some extent. The sun is one of the biggest culprits, but certain artificial lights can take their toll as well.

We’d hate to have everyone stop displaying their Annalee Dolls, but do make these suggestions: Limit the exposure time of dolls placed near windows. When possible, display the dolls under indirect light. In cabinets, be selective about the use and time of display lights.

Collectors looking to preserve their dolls may want to consider this option – buying two of each. One for display, and one for posterity.

How can I keep pests away from my Annalee collection?

How inviting the warm months of summer are. Folks venture out more, to mingle and travel and enjoy the pleasant weather. Humans are not alone in enjoying this renewed freedom – many animals and insects also awaken and move about at this time and it’s the “pesky” ones that we’re most concerned with. Crafted with quality wool blend fabric*, Annalee Dolls are unique, both in appearance, and their vulnerability.

The same natural wool fiber that gives our dolls their rich look, also tempts moths as a tasty morsel. To ward off the moths you may try moth balls, placed in the same container with the dolls, while they’re in storage. (The pungent odor of moth balls also seem to deter small varmints like mice and squirrels.) A natural alternative is cedar. Cedar blocks may be used both in storage and display for protection that is also pleasant smelling.

While on display, dolls placed under glass domes, or within sealed display cases, receive extra protection from the pests we’ve mentioned. In addition, protective casing also keeps your dolls away from the occasionally curious cat or dog. They’ve been known to “play” with Annalee Dolls too!

Annalee Dolls is one of the country’s largest consumers of wool blend felt. Approximately fifty different felts are used in a given year. Because wool is a natural fiber, it is prone to certain environmental influences, such as humidity. This makes it a challenge to work with, but the quality and appearance of natural fiber is superior to that of synthetic felts. Because of the volume of felt used at Annalee Dolls, and the application of painted faces, a special blend of felt was created just for Annalee Dolls. Now that is special!

Are there some tips for storing my Annalee dolls?

We suggest you wrap each individual doll in a non colored tissue paper. Pay special attention to the props on each item, they may need to be supported with wrapping or stuffing tissue paper to keep their form. Once wrapped in tissue, place dolls into a plastic storage container. You can also place cedar blocks or moth balls in the storage container to help keep any unwanted pests from getting to the dolls. We suggest not storing items where there are extreme temperatures.

Are there some tips for taking my Annalee dolls out of storage?

First of all, we suggest you take a look at the doll’s accessories (such as baskets, canes, or other items) to see if they are securely attached to the doll. Extremes in temperature, such as the heat typically found in an attic, can loosen the adhesive that is used to adhere the accessories to the doll. A quick fix can be made with a glue gun. Apply only a dab to one surface and attach immediately. Hold until secure. The glue will dry transparent.

Next, we want to look at the doll’s overall posture and position. If your 10″ Pilgrim Woman is looking slouched, calcium won’t help, but a flex of her internal wire frame will. Place one hand on the feet, to hold her in place, and pull up on the body with the other hand, straightening the doll. Next determine where the doll’s gaze will fall, in other words, will she be looking up at you, or across to her Pilgrim Man? Twist and turn the head accordingly. Follow with the arm and legs, using your own “appendages” as a guide to where to bend. Bear in mind that dolls in a grouping should relate to one another. A simple bend in the body or twist of the head can do wonders to bring an entire scene to life.

With dolls positioned, take a moment to fluff out their clothing. Reach underneath the garments and pull out a bit. Check that ribbons and such are dangling free. Use masking tape or a lint brush, to clean any particles that may have clung to the fabric.

Finally, should your doll suffer from a bad hair day, check their ‘dos and give the tops a bit of fluffing by pinching a piece up with your fingertips. On the hair or beards of larger dolls, like the 30″ Santa, try using an actual hairbrush to tame the mane.

How can I clean my Annalee dolls?

For dust: Remove with a lint brush, hairbrush, tape, or light vacuuming.

For yellowing of hair or beard: Place a towel under any sections that drape over fabric. Spritz lightly with a cleaner such as 409® or Fantastic® and rub in with a clean towel, until dry.

For soiled fabric: The felt is a wool blend. Try using paste spot treatments made for cleaning wool. The other fabrics are a cotton-poly blend. Try using a mixture of Ivory Snowflakes® and water. Beware: Some fabrics will bleed. Always test the cleaning method on a small area of fabric that is hidden from view. Try to separate the pieces of fabric from other fabric areas by placing a towel underneath.

What advice can you offer on cleansers for my Annalee dolls?

Subjecting your doll to cleaning substances is a daunting task, especially when the outcome may be uncertain. With that in mind, we did some research of our own to see what cleaning products are available and how a host of cleaning materials and issues were discussed, one caveat was echoed throughout: If there is any concern that the cleaning may do more harm than good, leave it as it is. This is particularly important in terms of the dolls value. Of course value can mean many things. It may be monetary, it may be sentimental. Your definition of a particular doll’s “value” will influence how, or if, you’ll clean the doll.

If you decide to make the “leap of faith”, the grocery store provides an array of cleaning products. While they are not designed for “dolls”, the labels do specify which fabrics the cleaner may be used on. For instance, K2r® Spot-lifter* is manufactured for use on “dry-cleanable clothing, carpets, upholstery.” A large percentage of our dolls utilize a wool blend fabric. Wool, and wool-blends, are dry-clean only fabrics. Knowledge of the fabric content will lead to appropriate cleaning solutions. K2r® dries to a white powder, making it easy to brush off. Another easy to apply product is Right Out®*. Its spray bottle allows to spot treat an item. The label states that it is good for wool and cotton.

A company out of Scarborough, Maine called Twin Pines of Maine, Inc.® produces four cleaning products made expressly for cleaning dolls and their garments. The company packages informative literature with the products on how to use them. Their address is P.O. Box 1178, Scarborough, ME 04070–1178. Their number is 800-770-DOLL. They also have a Web site you may visit at In addition to the cleaners, they sell acid-free paper, for the wrapping and storage of valuables.

Another product some customers have used on their dolls is a solution called Rub Gum Dry Shampoo. While we cannot make any claims about the stuff, we will pass along the address given to us: Durasol Chemical Co., One Oakland St. Amesbury, MA, 01913.

A trip to the library may also turn up some useful information. Consumer Reports published a book called “How to Clean Practically Anything.” There is a section devoted to fabrics. The address given in the book is Consumer Reports Books, 101 Truman Ave. Yonkers, NY 10703.

Last but not least, when faced with a stain or other soiling, you could try good old-fashioned soap and water!

The products mentioned in this article are for reference only. Annalee Dolls, Inc. has not performed tests on them and cannot support or negate the usefulness or safeness of the products. This answer is provided for the purpose of assisting you in finding potential solutions.