Irish Decor from Annalee

St. Patrick's Day Collection

Luck of the Irish

Everyone needs a bit o’ luck. Discover the 2021 St. Patrick’s Day Collection featuring big hearted smiles and good fortune.

Lucky Designs + Decor

New Irish Favorites

160621 6in Irish Stew Chef

6in Irish Stew Chef

Item #160621
160921 6in Kiss Me I'm Irish

6in Kiss Me I'm Irish

Item #160921
160421 4in Lucky Irish Cat

4in Lucky Irish Cat

Item #160421
161021 9in Leprechaun Boy Elf

9in Leprechaun Boy Elf

Item #161021

New Easter Collection

New spring favorites include fuzzy duckies, playful bunnies, and other animals, along with the classic mice and elves!