9in Peppermint Mrs Chef Santa

Item #411319


  • Item #411319
  • Our 9 inch Mrs. Santa has made a special cake decorated with holly berries to help celebrate the season! She is standing on a black base holding the cake which has white frosting, a holly berry centered in the middle and alternating red and green on the outer edge of the cake. She is wearing a peppermint candy printed fabric dress with a white bib apron over it that is tied with white ribbons.  Her white mop cap has a holly berry accent in the front to add just the perfect touch of color.
  • Wonderful item to use in any tabletop or mantel display. This item looks nice by itself but even better when paired with our 9 inch Peppermint Chef Santa. She would look great on a hutch with a gingerbread house or a tray of goodies too!
  • Facial expressions may vary

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