2023 Serious Smiler VIP Sneak Peek


Let the fanfare begin! It’s time to reveal the new limited-edition designs that will be available to Serious Smilers, as part of our Annalee Smile Rewards program. Serious Smilers who spend more than $1,500+ within the 2023 calendar year can unlock up to three distinct and remarkable exclusives. Isn’t that simply marvelous?

The Serious Smiler is a title held by many of Annalee’s most loyal collectors. When a Serious Smiler customer spends $1,500 or more during the year, they are are eligible for special exclusives. Wholesale customers excluded. Eligible customers will receive a special shipment of one, two, or three new exclusives based on their spend. Customers who qualify for a Serious Smiler exclusive will have spent at least $1,500 or more between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. Customers who spent $3,000 will be eligible for an additional design, and customers who spent $5,000+ will be eligible for a third design. These extraordinary exclusives are a privilege reserved solely for our top Serious Smilers and are unavailable for purchase anywhere.

VIPs Earn Even More: Become a Serious Smiler

As always, the more you spend, the more exclusive perks you receive as a member of the Annalee Smile Rewards program. Joining the Smile Rewards program is free. Each time you buy gifts, add to your holiday collection, or acquire one of our limited-edition designs, you earn points to redeem on future purchases. Each dollar you spend earns you one point. Graduate to one of our VIP tiers and earn even more benefits, such as our Serious Smiler special exclusives. Read more about all Smile Rewards benefits.

So let’s raise the curtain and introduce you to our three new Serious Smiler exclusive designs.

2023 Serious Smiler VIP Exclusives

PLEASE NOTE: These images are design prototypes.
Final product is subject to minor style and accessory variations.

7in Patriotic Boy Smile Rewards Free Gift
7in Stars & Stripes Parade Boy
Serious Smiler $1,500+

Serious Smiler Level 1 ($1,500+)

7in Stars & Stripes Parade Boy

Here’s a design bursting with American pride as a boy parades along waving Old Glory! The 7-inch lad wears a summery red, white, and blue outfit including a red and white striped vest with blue bow tie and button accents. He’s holding a red top hat in one hand and a big American flag in the other. He is secured to a white felt base. Proudly designed and assembled in America at Annalee headquarters in Meredith, NH. Designed especially for level 1 Serious Smilers.




14in Elf with Snowflake Smile Rewards Free Gift
14in Klaus the Snowflake Elf
Serious Smiler $3,000+

Serious Smilers Level 2 ($3,000+)

14in Klaus the Snowflake Elf

Plus, level 2 Serious Smilers qualify for 7in Stars & Stripes Parade Boy

This fancy elf is full of holiday cheer as he poses playfully with a snowflake ornament! The 14-inch Klaus is a red felt elf with a Bavarian-inspired costume made of green felt with silver trim accents. He’s holding a white snowflake ornament on a string to bring winter magic your way. Klaus was designed and assembled especially for level 2 Serious Smilers at Annalee HQ.



9in Black Cat with Kittens Smile Reward Free Gift
9in Midnight Cat with Kittens
Serious Smiler $5,000+

Serious Smiler Level 3 ($5,000+)

9in Midnight Cat with Kittens

Plus, level 3 Serious Smilers qualify for 7in Stars & Stripes Parade Boy and 14in Klaus the Snowflake Elf

Midnight and her basket of kittens are ready to celebrate Halloween with you! This showstopper is designed especially for level 3 Serious Smilers. The fluffy black cat wears a witch hat and has a black and white check collar with a spider web charm. Her gray tabby kittens are playing in a wooden bushel basket accented with a matching black and white check ribbon. Of course, professionally assembled, styled, and positioned at the Annalee headquarters in Meredith, NH.


Check to see which VIP tier you are currently in on our Rewards page. Please make sure you are logged in to your account to see your current tier. Not sure what exclusive gifts you qualify for? You can add up your 2023 orders in the My Account section of the website. Those Serious Smiler members who have already qualified, and those close to reaching this status, will receive an email in informing them of their status. There is plenty of time ahead to become a Serious Smiler! See the official Smile Reward FAQs here.

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