The Elves of Annalee


annalee_elf_trioFor centuries elves have been celebrated as fanciful creatures in folklore and mythology. Since 1934, magical elves have been popular characters in almost every Annalee collection. Elves are known for lifting spirits, telling stories, creating magic and unleashing a little mischief. The elves of Annalee are nothing short of a whimsical bunch. They are eager to help you set a festive scene and bring out some smiles. So in true Annalee tradition, the 2016 Christmas Collection features plenty of elves ready to bring a bit of holiday magic to your home.



Magical Pose-abilityannalee_elf_positioning

Our elves’ whimsical smiles and faces are quite appealing, but what truly makes each Annalee elf a star is its pose-ability. Our elves are ready to bend to your will. They can squat, touch their toes, hang by their hands or feet and even embrace each other. Just think of the possibilities: Annalee elves can hang off a Christmas tree or add festive charm to a bookshelf. Our classic elf characters also make a perfect accent to a holiday wreath, centerpiece, stocking or fireplace mantle.

9 inch Snowflake Elf Green


The Secrets of Elf Positioning

elf_posesOur founder Annalee Thorndike began creating and selling dolls in 1934. She used to personally advise on the importance of positioning with an emphasis on important touch. She encouraged her customers and fans to bring her elves to life. The same advice should be used today. Be creative and use your imagination when positioning your elves. To position your elf, first feel through to the wire frame and straighten each arm and leg to its longest length. Next place a finger at the logical place for a joint, such as an elbow, and bend as pictured.


The Tradition of Elf Magic

For more than 80 years, we’ve enjoyed seeing how our creative collectors add elf magic to their homes. Some families enjoy hiding these festive characters in new places each year.  Other families tell us how they love to see their magical elves return to a traditional place each season. Other collectors create whimsical scenes complete with reindeer and Santas. It’s fun to see grinning elves hanging on Christmas trees and holiday wreaths. Take a look at Eddie Montgomery’s elaborate holiday Annalee display featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Annalee elves are swinging from his vintage Waterford chandelier. How will you let Annalee inspire your holiday decor this year?  Get ready to bring a little elf magic to your home this holiday season.






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