Spring Into Wreath Designs!


Spring has sprung and with it comes birds chirping and budding flowers. The best part – days are longer which gives you more time for DIY spring-inspired projects. One of our favorite projects for spring is wreath designs. When you decorate and create wreaths with Annalee designs you inspire smiles and joy to everyone who enters your home. Many collectors of our dolls love to create wreaths for all seasons and even make them as gifts for their friends and family. Have you ever created wreaths with Annalee dolls? It’s a fun and creative project! Celebrate spring and share your designs with us.

Easter Wreath

How To Get Started

Here are some easy steps to help design a heartfelt wreath for your home this spring using Annalee dolls.
1) Decide where you will place the wreath and what size to use.
2) Once you purchase the wreath decide what you will fill it with that exudes spring such as flowers and ribbons.
3) Secure your favorite Annalee bunny, duck, elf or mouse to the wreath using floral wire. Experiment with difference doll types and positions to find the perfect look.
4) Hang in the perfect location in your house and enjoy Spring!

Get Inspiration For Your Design!

Spring Category Flower Seperator

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