14in Batty Witch

Item #311820


  • Our 14 inch witch is sure to make you think of bats! She is wearing a layered outfit that has a black jacket lined with tan linen inside the sleeves and a matching collar. The same tan fabric is used on a short accent layer skirt that is secured around her waist with a black belt and buckle. Her long skirt is done in a dark tan fabric that has black bats printed on it. Her black witches hat has orange ribbon accenting the hatband and she is wearing long upturned black shoes. Her straw broom adds the final touch to this classic Halloween design.
  • Wonderful item to use in a Halloween display and she compliments so many of our other ghoulish designs. Pair her with our Bat, Scaredy Cat, or Witch’s Skull Mouse to create a fun display. She would look great with our Purple Dragon too!
  • Facial expressions may vary

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