Wholesale Fall Collections

Annalee 2021 Fall

2021 Fall Collection

Set the scene this Autumn with the NEW 2021 Annalee Halloween and Harvest Collections. Your customers will adore these bright and festive decorations for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating. Since 1934, Annalee has helped capture the special moments of each holiday, while adding seasonal charm to your home decor.

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The Harvest Collection

Celebrate Autumn’s beauty and bountiful Thanksgiving with the 2021 Harvest Collection! A tan print with a colorful leaf pattern is used throughout the theme. Customers love these dolls that will decorate their homes from September through November!

Autumn Smiles That Delight

Fall Favorites!

361821 12in Scarecrow Dad
12in Scarecrow Dad
360321 5in Apple Picking Kids
5in Apple Picking Kids
360921 6in Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Chef Mouse
6in Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Chef Mouse
361721 9in Fall Elf
9in Fall Elf
361221 6in Apple Orchard Mouse
6in Apple Orchard Mouse
360621 5in Foliage Fun Mouse
5in Foliage Fun Mouse
360721 5in Scarecrow
5in Scarecrow
360121 3in GOURDgeous Goose & Friend
3in GOURDgeous Goose & Friend

Festive & Fun Halloween

Your customers will love the 2021 Halloween Collection featuring dolls wearing a striking black and white ghost print with lime green accents. Trick or treaters, pumpkins, black cats, witches and warlocks will please your customers searching for fun and not-so-spooky Halloween decor.

Festive & Fun

New Halloween Designs

311621 9in Ghostly Hag
9in Ghostly Hag
311421 8in Ghostly Scaredy Cat
8in Ghostly Scaredy Cat
311521 9in Ghostly Halloween Elf
9in Ghostly Halloween Elf
311121 7in Trick or Treat Ghost Kid
7in Trick or Treat Ghost Kid
310521 5in Pumpkin Stacking Mice
5in Pumpkin Stacking Mice
311821 14in Jack-o-lantern Elf
14in Jack-o-lantern Elf
310021 3in Dracula Awakens
3in Dracula Awakens
311021 6in Halloween Witch Mouse
6in Halloween Witch Mouse

The Thanksgiving Collection

The 2021 Thanksgiving Collection makes creating centerpieces easy. Chefs and kitchen designs continue to be a popular pick. Add some fall festiveness to your festivities Pilgrims, Indians, turkeys, pumpkins and gourds.

Gobble Up These Designs

Set the Scene for Thanksgiving!

360221 3in Signs of Fall
3in Signs of Fall
361521 6in Pilgrim Girl
6in Pilgrim Girl
361421 6in Pilgrim Boy
6in Pilgrim Boy
361621 7in Turkey Chef
7in Turkey Chef
361321 6in Indian Boy
6in Indian Boy
360021 3in Pumpkin Patch Mouse
3in Pumpkin Patch Mouse
360421 5in Apple Pie Mouse
5in Apple Pie Mouse
6in Pilgrim Mouse Couple