Vintage Annalee – 7″ Hiker


Vintage Annalee hikerThis adorable vintage dolls is from the 1930s when Annalee first started creating her puppets and dolls.  The hiker shown has a beautiful hand-painted face and signature by Annalee on the underside of his knapsack which sets this particular doll far ahead of the rest.

Everything from his green stitched felt hat down to his hand stitched felt boots and knitted wool socks is amazingly detailed. He is carrying a real twig as a walking stick, and on his back a cute cotton knapsack with straps that fasten over his shoulders and around his waist and is pinned in position.  Shorts and a pastel colored checked shirt with hand-painted detailing finishes off his walking attire.

Another distinctive feature is the shock of black yarn hair adorns his head and peeking out from it are two little detailed felt ears. Yarn hair was a feature that carried on through to the early 1960s. This doll does not have the internal wire frame characteristic of later Annalee dolls, which Chip Thorndike engineered. Instead, this hikers body is stuffed completely and he stands on a felt base with a wire support piece, so he is permanently in this walking position.[/su_column] [/su_row]

Annalee Timeline 1933

Annalee Graduates from high school. She sells her first dolls through the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and to small shops in Boston, where she lived for a time.

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