The Quest: Bigger, Bolder Reviews 


Have you read any good Annalee reviews lately? We have, and we’d like to share them with you and tell you why we love them so much.

All the elves at Annalee think our designs are pretty amazing. We admit it, we like telling you how much we L-O-V-E our designs. But it’s what you have to say about our special creations that really matters. Your product reviews tell us what you like and what you don’t like, plus they give us suggestions for new designs and ideas for making those new designs better. Most importantly, reviews from our customers are unbiased and feature unfiltered, real thoughts about what you think. And we think that’s pretty great. That’s why we offer 50 extra Smile Rewards points when you leave a verified product review. It’s our way of saying thank you.

But all reviews are not created equal. While we appreciate any and all comments, we really look forward to reviews where you actually tell us why you enjoy a design. The more detailed and thought-provoking the review, the better it is, especially for other collectors looking to make an informed decision about whether to buy a design, or not. So to encourage more of these reviews, we’re going to up the ante a bit so you’ll submit bigger, bolder reviews — reviews where you really tell it like it is. Read these great examples of a meaningful review and then we’ll share some exciting news!

Customer Reviews We Love

Review of Boy Mouse with Daisy

“Wow! Yet another great doll for spring. Mice are a favorite in our house, and the 5in Boy Mouse with Daisy for 2023 is no exception. We bought him and his companion, Girl Mouse with Ladybug, to have the adorable couple in our collection and on display for the new spring season. The understated detail is characterized by the pretty, unpretentious daisy and simple clothing. They don’t fool us, these seemingly ordinary features are what make this doll so appealing. This mouse and companion are immediately welcome among the growing community of Annalee dolls living on the shelves of our home. What a breath of fresh air they bring for the renewing Spring season. Many thanks to the wise elves of Annalee for this simple yet appealing mouse.” 

— Christopher and Cherly B., North Providence, RI
(Review of 5in Boy Mouse with Daisy) 

Thank you Christopher and Cherly for that amazing review. We appreciate the time it took to write the review and for all the generous descriptions. They also sent us this one:

862122 9in Nordic Noel Santa Set“How very festive the outstanding Nordic Noel Santa Set is as the three dolls take pride of place this Christmas. Their finely crafted clothing with delightful flourishes and details stand out, making the trip an instant classic. The talented artistic elves of Annalee have delivered this remarkable set just in time to add a little old-world charm to our home this holiday season.”

— Christopher and Cherly B., North Providence, RI
(Review of 9in Nordic Noel Santa Set)

Wow! Another great review. We’re so glad you are enjoying your Annalee dolls. And to show our appreciation, the elves are rewarding Christopher and Cherly with 300 additional Smile Rewards points as part of our new review-encouragement program. On a quarterly basis we’re going to select one outstanding review and reward the reviewer for their extra efforts in submitting a really great review. Plus, to spread the smiles around further, we’ll also pick a few runners-up reviews and add 200 Smile Rewards points to each reviewer’s account. Maybe you should start writing a review like this one:

“Welcome to the coven! I love my latest addition to my Halloween decorations! As always, my Annalee delivery was on time, and the Midnight Hag and Reviewitems were packaged with care. She comes in a blue gray dress with bats that is new, and I love it! Her face expression says mischief and she has wispy gray hair, detail is amazing on both. Her broom is nice and full and with one leg over it, she’s ready to fly! This witch comes with a satchel which is new, not sure what will come out of it!! You will love her!”

— Colleen M., Milford, NH
(Review of 9in Midnight Hag) 

Good, well-written product reviews are important because they build trust. When you read positive reviews from other collectors you’re more likely to trust that the design mentioned is as described. Good reviews also help build a loyal customer base and help improve our sales. The elves really want to sell dolls to as many people as possible. Since most people buy our designs online, more detailed reviews also help Annalee Dolls rank higher in search engine results on the internet, which in turn helps more people find Annalee dolls (and hopefully become collectors). The more collectors the better, right? We want to spread Annalee smiles everywhere we can.

Cactus Critters and Review“My mom and I named the mice after one another! This design is perfect if you love cacti, western, just everything in that nature. The little faces are always perfect and the construction of the cactus itself is really well done. I loved putting it out in my cactus garden, they totally blended in. I have no intention of putting this one away! Seriously if there’s any left you should absolutely get this one. The little personalities and the craftsmanship is amazing as always.”

— Raquel C., Tracy, CA
(Review of 8in Cactus Critters) 

So that’s the good news. We love your reviews. We read every single one. And we value what you have to say. And, as a thank you, we’re offering extra Smile Rewards points as an incentive. Just think how exciting it will be if one of your reviews gets selected. We bet you’ll be smiling for days (just like this reviewer):

“As a third generation collector, the PJ kids were always my grandmother’s favorite. She PJ Kid with Bear and Reviewwould have loved this one for sure, so it was a must have for my collection. It was a nice return to the larger size of yore and fit in with my nighttime/bedtime scene on my landing perfectly. Like others mentioned, the price is a tad steep, but it is well worth it: great workmanship, a real Annalee bear (not some jointed, mass marketed piece), and the great whimsy of the face. Perfect for the hearth, a landing, a bedroom—anywhere to bring joy and happiness to the owner and a remembrance of going to bed the night before Christmas (or waking up in the morning to a new-found friend)! A must have for the serious collector. Keep up the great work.”

— Christopher D., Rochester, NY
(Review of 18in PJ Kid with Bear)

Want to Earn Extra Rewards?

So, just to review ? (pun intended), each quarter we’ll be choosing one review to recognize with 300 Smile Rewards points. We’ll also choose one or more runner-up reviews to earn 200 Smile Rewards points. That’s a lot of points! All you have to do is write a bigger, bolder review about any new favorite design you purchase. The elves will appreciate it, your fellow collectors will welcome your words of wisdom, and all the world will be smiling.

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