Thanksgiving Home Decor

Thanksgiving Home Decor

Gobble-Up Festive Favorites

2020 Thanksgiving Collection

Discover great decor for your home and holiday table. Annalee’s Thanksgiving Collection is packed with bright and festive fall decorations sure to add some smiles!

Classic Autumn Designs

Festive Thanksgiving Home Decor

5in Turkey with Wreath

Item #360620

6in Pheasant

Item #361020

6in Harvesting Raccoon

Item #361320

5in Moccasin Squirrel

Item #360520

5in Pumpkin Patch Mice

Item #360220

8in Autumn Wreath Mouse

Item #361620

Assembled in America Collection

2020 Limited-Edition Designs

4in Pup-kin

Item #860820

6in Bison

Item #861220