Thanksgiving Home Decor

Gobble-Up Festive Favorites

2019 Thanksgiving Collection

Discover great decor for your home and holiday table. Annalee’s Thanksgiving Collection is packed with bright and festive fall decorations sure to add some smiles!

Festive Family Favorites

Make Annalee part of your family tradition with festive fall designs! Our Thanksgiving designs make the perfect centerpieces and welcoming displays for your holiday guests. Add some smiles to your Thanksgiving with Annalee.

Classic Autumn Designs

Pilgrims, Turkeys, Indians and More!

6in Pilgrim Turkey

Item #361519
$25.00 $18.75

6in Wishbone Kids

Item #361619
$37.00 $27.75

12in Scarecrow

Item #361919
$29.00 $21.75

3in Indian Canoe Crew

Item #360019
$32.00 $24.00

2019 Harvest Exclusives

New Limited-Editions for Fall

Meet the NEW exclusive Annalee designs for Thanksgiving 2019. Only 250 of each of these limited-edition designs will ever be made, so don’t miss the chance to order yours!

Assembled in America Collection

2019 Exclusive Autumn Designs