6in Spring Bouquet Duck

Item #211220


  • Our 6 inch white duck looks really sweet wearing a burlap hat accented with tufted white boa and pink flowers. She has a yellow beak and feet with tufted boa on her chest. There is a large pink satin bow at her neck with a blue accent on it.
  • She is holding pink flowers with yellow centers in one wing and her other wing is posed like it is touching her chin in a thoughtful expression. Please note that expressions will vary on this doll as the one shown here has closed eyes. This doll will also have two different styles of open eyes and one with squinting eyes.
  • Wonderful item to use in any spring display and this item looks really cute when paired with our other spring items. She would also look great in a grapevine wreath!
  • Facial expressions may vary

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