9in Colonial Drummer Elf

Item #260720


  • Our 9 inch elf has been dressed as a colonial drummer in his regimental uniform complete with drum sticks. The drum has red counter hoops on both ends; red, white, and blue twine tension ropes accent the brown shell of the drum which has white batter and snare heads. A bright blue strap is attached to the drum which is slung over his shoulder and across the front of his torso.
  • His long red regimental style coat has bright blue facings accented with goldish looking buttons and bright blue cuffs. His vest and breeches are done in a linen colored fabric with gold buttons on the vest. He has on white stockings with black shoes with buckles on them which look very sharp with his black tricorn hat that has a sparkling gold cording around the edging.
  • Wonderful item to decorate with from Memorial Day to Labor Day! This item looks great by itself but even better when paired with our other patriotic designs such as our Declaration of Independence Mouse and our Colonial Flute Elf!
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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