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Behind the Smile – The Story of Annalee Thorndike

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  • The elves at Annalee compiled a lifetime of stories about Annalee, her beginnings, inspirations, family and business, into the first-ever published biography!
  • Behind the Smile – The Story of Annalee Thorndike is a beautiful account of our founder, the woman whose legacy thrives because of loyal collectors like you.
  • This coffee table style book is beautifully printed with a full-color dust jacket and a linen-wrapped hardcover that binds over 160 pages of photos, dolls and stories that were thoughtfully woven together to depict the life of our founder. It includes special interviews with Annalee’s son and daughter-in-law, Chuck and Karen Thorndike, Annalee’s Director of Design Gracie Blackey, long-time collector and Annalee e-tailer Sue Coffee, and Annalee collector and enthusiast Bryan Horton.
  • Produced and edited by FirstTracks Marketing in Pembroke, NH.
  • Printed by RC Brayshaw in Warner, NH.

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