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9in Sugar & Spice Chef Santa

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  • Our 9 inch chef Santa is whipping up a batch of gingerbread! He is wearing black pants, shoes and a white shirt covered with a Christmas plaid apron. His white chef’s hat has a matching hatband and a holly berry accent. Two white and red flap designed pockets are on his apron; each has a gingerbread shape inside. He is holding a whisk that has some gingerbread batter left on it and a bowl with the word “Gingerbread” printed on it. Yum! What a traditional theme for our Sugar and Spice Chef Santa!
  • Wonderful item to use in a Christmas display especially on a kitchen shelf or on the hutch. Fun to display by itself; he looks even better when paired with our Sugar and Spice Mrs. Chef Santa! They would look great in a wreath too!
  • Facial expressions may vary.

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