4in Gingerbread Chef Ornament

Item #710618


  • Item #710618
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  • New Christmas design by Annalee for 2018!
  • This 4 inch gingerbread is dressed up to look like a chef. It is wearing a white chefs hat with a hatband done in a printed red candy designed fabric with a holly berry accent on it.
  • It is wearing a bowtie done in red and white and has green buttons down the front of its torso. This little one has icing at the wrists and ankles as well.
  • Fun item to use in trimming the tree and also on a shelf display in the kitchen. You can include this in a decorative wreath or even place it on a rolling pin to create a fun little cooking scene. This item is small enough to be a package topper too! Include it in a gift basket with cooking supplies for a house warming gift too; just a few ideas on how to have fun with this item.

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