6in Wine a Little Mouse

Item #261120


  • Our 6 inch amber mouse exudes an air of sophistication with her jaunty tan hat accented with a black ribbon hatband. She is wearing a polka dotted green dress with green shoes and is standing on a wine colored oval base with green grapes at her feet. She’s standing beside a wine glass that has the words “Wine a little, Laugh a lot” written on it. She is also holding a wine bottle and eager to do a little bit of sampling herself!
  • Great item to use in an everyday display especially if you are entertaining with wine! She looks wonderful by herself beside a cheese and cracker tray; even better when paired with our other Wine Series pieces such as the Wine Tasting Mouse, Grape Stomping Woman, and Wine & Cheese Mouse.
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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