6in Wannabe a Starfish

Item #261320


  • Our 6 inch white mouse is part of our Wannabe series of dolls; this one wants to be a starfish! It is wearing a costume done in bright yellow with one of the arms used as a hat to add a bit of whimsy to it. The mouse is standing on a blue base and has yellow legs to blend in better; its tail is also in yellow.
  • You can see the spines on the outfit marking the lines of the arms of the starfish. We’ve also added tube feet to it as well which are made of white felt with an orangish center.
  • Fun item to decorate with during the summer months especially if you have a special nautical theme in mind. Great item by itself but even better when paired with our other Wannabe items such as our Wannabe a Seahorse and Wannabe a Sand Dollar!
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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