5in Declaration of Independence Mouse

Item #260320


  • Our 5 inch white mouse is dressed in the image of our forefathers. He is wearing a brown colonial style coat over a linen colored vest that is high collared from which he has on lace jabot; two dark brown buttons secure his vest.
  • His colonial tricorn hat is black with a sparkling gold cording along the edge. He is holding a feather quill as if he has just signed the Declaration of Independence that he is holding. Adding to his patriotism, he is standing on a three and a half inch base that has a colonial flag printed on it.
  • Wonderful item to decorate with from Memorial Day thru Independence Day. Display this on a tabletop, desk, or bookcase to have a feel of patriotism at hand.
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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