12in Spring Girl Elf

Item #212420


  • Our 12 inch spring girl elf is looking exuberant in bright pink knickers that are cinched under the knees with bright pink ribbon ties.
  • Her vest is done with two different fabrics on either side. One side is done in a pink fabric with white flowers on it with different colored centers and the other side is done in a pink and white crisscross printed fabric. The pockets on the vest are done with the opposite fabric; white lace accents them. Bright blue buttons accent the front of the vest. There is a bright pink bow at her neck and the color matches the ribbons in her pony tails.
  • Her hat is done in a pink with white floral fabric with the crisscross fabric at the brim. A daisy is at the end of her hat which adds a bit of whimsy to this doll. White cuffs are at her ankles and wrists too!
  • Wonderful item to use in any Easter or Spring display as she is very versatile. This item can be posed in many different ways such as kneeling, sitting, crossing its legs, doing a split, even doing a hand stand. She would work well in a basket display, hanging from a banister or even just sitting in a grapevine wreath!
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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