12in Easter Parade Girl Bunny

Item #212320


  • Our 12 inch white bunny is dressed and ready to go to the Easter parade!
  • The top of her dress is done in a pretty pink and white floral print with multiple accent colors. There is a delicate white lace on the sleeves and around the neck; a bright pink ribbon adds the finishing touch to this area. There are pearl buttons going down the front of the top of the dress as well.
  • The skirt it done in a bright pink and has a pink and white crisscross patterned fabric around the hem; a bow has been fashioned from the same material and placed at the front of her skirt on which there is a blue center. Atop her head is a bright pink bow and on her feet are pink dress shoes made of felt.
  • She is holding a white wicker basket filled with Easter grass and jelly beans! Fun item to use as a centerpiece beside an Easter basket and she looks really adorable when paired with our Easter Parade Boy Bunny!
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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