12in Easter Parade Boy Bunny

Item #212220

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  • Item #212220
  • Our 12 inch white bunny is wearing a pink jacket with its lapels and collar done in a pink and white crisscross fabric. His vest is done in a fun floral print with bright blue buttons going down the front. He has a bright blue bowtie with a pink center at his neck. Pink spats complete his ensemble.
  • He is holding a string of jelly beans in his paws and is ready to help decorate for the special event, the Easter Parade!
  • Fun item to use as a centerpiece on the table next to an Easter basket or perhaps beside our Easter Parade Girl Bunny!
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • Designed for 2020

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Add an Easter Basket?

Add a pretty basket to your Easter order to complete the look! Kit comes with one package of Easter basket grass! Basket measures approximately 3 1/2”H X 6 3/4”W X 4 1/4”D. Total height including handle is 10 1/2”. View details: PURPLE ,PINK , and BLUE.

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