9in Jinglebell Elf – White

Item #511018


  • Item #511018
  • Facial expressions may vary
  • New Christmas design by Annalee for 2018!
  • This 9 inch white elf is trimmed with white fur around its neck, down the torso and around the waist. It also has fur around its wrists and ankles. Gold jingle bells accent the front of it.
  • The hat is done in red corduroy that has an accent band done in a green Christmas printed fabric with red berries in it. The band is accented with a red holly berry and there is a gold jingle bell at the end of the hat.
  • Wonderful item to use in any tabletop of mantel display as this item can be used in many different positions. You can have it climbing a bannister, hanging from a chandelier or simply sitting on a shelf with one leg crossed over the other. They can also be positioned to doing a handstand, split, headstand, and even a somersault. They also work wonderfully in a wreath or trimming the tree!

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