16in Christmas Swirl Reindeer with Elf

Item #460519


  • Our 16 inch reindeer with our 9 inch white elf riding on its back is sure to make you smile. The reindeer has on a festive red with white swirl blanket that is accented with holly berries at each corner. Its red ribbon harness has holly berry accents at the muzzle as well. Atop its back is a 9 inch white elf that gives this item a very playful look. The elf has white fur trim around the collar and torso as well as at the wrists and ankles. White pompoms are on its toes and there is one at the end of its hat. Its long white hat has an upturned brim that is done in the same festive swirl fabric as the reindeer blanket.
  • Wonderful item to use in any Christmas display by the tree or hearth. Fun item to use when paired with our Christmas Swirl Snowman or any of our other elves too.
  • Facial expressions may vary

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