12in New Year Elf

Item #510719


  • This 12 inch elf is decked out and ready to celebrate the New Year! He is done in mostly white with gold accents. His ankle cuffs have sparkling gold stars on them while the ones at his wrist are a sold white. His tuxedo coat is accented with gold trim on the lapel of the coat which compliments the gold that is centered on his black bowtie. He black hat is given a bit of color too as it has a decal done in gold with black lettering that reads “Happy New Year”. He is holding a glass with gold streamers inside it as if he is toasting with bubbly.
  • Fun item to display by itself on a tabletop, hutch, or bar to usher in the new year. This would also make a lovely centerpiece on the table or mantel when hosting a New Years party! This doll is tall enough to use in a display with a bottle of spirits too as you can have his arm wrapped around the neck of the bottle.
  • Facial expressions may vary

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