One Sweet Partnership


Free Gift Offer for EasterAnnalee Dolls and Kellerhaus Chocolates recently teamed up to treat their thousands of fans with some special offers. This collaboration of New Hampshire Lakes Region businesses is bringing some sweet deals to this spring.

For a limited time only, when you spend more than $99 on a special Easter gift will be automatically added into your cart. Hurry, this offer ends 4/16/17.

This FREE gift includes a 5’’ Pink Spring Elf and a premium solid milk chocolate bunny made by Kellerhaus. No code is necessary and there is a limit to one per customer.


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Bundles & Bunnies

Oh it gets better! From now until Easter, when you purchase our popular 2017 Bunny Bundle, you will receive 10% off and get a FREE gift of a Kellerhaus solid milk chocolate carrot.

Take advantage of this special offer, these big and bright bunnies are sure to make a statement among your Easter decorations!