One Sweet Partnership


Free Gift Offer for EasterAnnalee Dolls and Kellerhaus Chocolates recently teamed up to treat their thousands of fans with some special offers. This collaboration of New Hampshire Lakes Region businesses is bringing some sweet deals to this spring.

For a limited time only, when you spend more than $99 on a special Easter gift will be automatically added into your cart. Hurry, this offer ends 4/16/17.

This FREE gift includes a 5’’ Pink Spring Elf and a premium solid milk chocolate bunny made by Kellerhaus. No code is necessary and there is a limit to one per customer.


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Bundles & Bunnies

Oh it gets better! From now until Easter, when you purchase our popular 2017 Bunny Bundle, you will receive 10% off and get a FREE gift of a Kellerhaus solid milk chocolate carrot.

Take advantage of this special offer, these big and bright bunnies are sure to make a statement among your Easter decorations!

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An Exclusive Design

In addition to these sweet treats, the Design Team at Annalee has created two exclusive Kellerhaus designs that will be available in the Kellerhaus store in Weirs Beach only. Celebrating an iconic New Hampshire tradition, the girl dolls hold Kellerhaus’ famous ice cream cones and chocolates. These adorable designs also feature an embroidered apron proudly bearing the Kellerhaus name.

Kellerhaus has been serving premium hand-poured chocolates and homemade ice cream for 111 years. Its current owners, Dave and Mary Ellen Dutton have been operating the business for the past 14 years. No trip to Weirs Beach is complete without stopping in for some decadent and chocolatey treats.  It’s a tradition to go looking for “George” at the store. George is an iconic elf that hangs in a section of the store. He does mechanical flips and entertains guest waiting in line for their ice cream.


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In preparation for the Easter holiday, Kellerhaus produces 3,000 chocolate bunnies. For a company that makes over one hundred different types of candy in house, it is no surprise that the Saturday before Easter is always their busiest day for candy sales of the entire year. So if you are looking for a delicious treat, stop in to Kellerhaus and look for George and the exclusive Kellerhaus Annalee Doll.
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Celebrate Easter and spring with these sweet collaborations!