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NEW EXCLUSIVE — Leap Year Frog


Leap Year FrogWhat better way to celebrate the elusive 29th of February than to introduce Leap Year Frog, Annalee’s first-ever special leap year design? Leap Year Frog’s arrival is momentous. This NEW limited-edition exclusive is part of our Assembled in America collection and was released on Thursday, February 20th. And only 100 of these special frogs were made. Just like February 29th, he won’t stay around for very long.

Leap Year Frog is 8 inches tall. He’s a happy fellow getting ready to leap between the 28th of February and March 1st. He’s positioned on a handmade lily pad-shaped base and features the special date of February 29th on his chest. To make sure he has 20/20 vision (and to celebrate the year 2020), he wears an adorable pair of glasses (which were handmade at Annalee HQ in Meredith, New Hampshire. Leap Year Frog is a friendly guy ready to seize the day and capture your heart.

As this a limited-edition design, Leap Year Frog  comes with a special hang tag that is numbered, signed, and dated by the assembler. Jump into action quickly before Leap Year Frog sells out!

Meet Leap Year Frog — Watch the Video

Leap Year Frog Being Made