Inspiration for Your Thanksgiving Decor


thanksgiving_centerpieceThanksgiving, the quintessential American holiday, is right around the corner. While many of us are thinking of perfectly roasted turkey and baked pies, it’s also an excellent time to think about the rest of your holiday table and Thanksgiving decor. Whether you’re planning a meal for a few close friends or preparing a huge family dinner that requires every spare chair in the house, how will you add festive spirit to your Thanksgiving?

A New England tradition since 1934, Annalee specializes in designing beloved and collectible holiday decorations. So whether you are a tried-and-true collector or new to Annalee, consider bringing the fun spirit of Annalee to your home this holiday season. Our decor is easy to setup, it doesn’t require extensions cords or tools, and always brings out a lot of smiles.

Annalee offers great options for simple and fun-spirited table centerpieces, including a pair of Pilgrim squirrels and a football kicking tom turkey and many more. When creating an Annalee centerpiece or selecting other holiday decor for your home, we have a few tips to keep in mind!


Keep it Simple

Many of our dolls have enough spirit that they can stand alone. They do not require pomp and circumstance or additional setup. Our 14-inch Scarecrow, 9-inch Autumn Elf, and 9-inch Fall Foliage Pixie are great examples. These dolls have flexible wire-frame bodies and can be posed to present messages, menus, and even favorite dishes. You don’t need a large collection—just one doll placed in the right spot will do the trick.

Embrace Color

Whether in your kitchen or on your dining room table, it’s always a good idea to create a focal point for your holiday decor. Using color is perhaps the easiest way to do this as the eye is naturally drawn to the brightest or darkest colors. All of our dolls are dressed for the autumn season and feature earth tones that mimic and reflect fall foliage. Adding a pumpkin, cornucopia of gourds, or vase of sunflowers or mums will help accentuate the festive colors of fall that are prominent in this collection.

Shop Our Collections

Our wonderful designers, several who used to create dolls right alongside founder Annalee Thorndike, have curated collections that make decorating for Thanksgiving and other holidays easy. You will notice matched sets within our Thanksgiving Collection including pairs of Pilgrims and a trio of turkeys. Shop our collections today and be ready for the upcoming holiday season.