Spooktacular Ideas for Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you thought about dressing up, trick-or-treating, or how you will decorate your home for the holiday? Whether you decide to go all out for the festivities or opt to focus on just a few spooky details—now is the perfect time to give your home-sweet-home a little devilish air. Annalee is all about helping make your home look a little scary and fun for Halloween! Don’t miss the chance to deck out your home with spooky spirit.




4 Must-Have Items for a Spooktacular Halloween

1. Witches

On Halloween, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins often whisk about, but the holiday wouldn’t be complete without a mysterious witch! Whether you are looking for a stand-alone witch doll or considering one of our popular Halloween decorating sets, make sure you have a witch to bewitch your home this season! Annalee offers a selection of witches (some more friendly than others) to enchant your Halloween celebration.

  • 9 inch old hag witch

    9in Old Hag Witch

    Item #301717
  • 8in Orange Swirl Witch Mouse

    8in Witch Mouse

    Item #301617
  • 14in Fiona the Friendly Witch

    Item #860316

2. Pumpkins

Halloween is also pumpkin season! Beautiful seasonal displays greet us with a smorgasbord of gourds and brilliant orange pumpkins! Whether you are carving your own, hanging festive window clings, or snacking on some delicious pumpkin Mellowcremes—make sure there are some eye-popping pumpkins in your Halloween festivities.

3. Trick-or-Treaters

Every year costumes are carefully chosen, bowls of candy are filled, and trick-or-treaters embark on the neighborhood, going house-to-house in search of sweet treats. Trick-or-treating  is a fun tradition and we all love to see what costumes the kids come up with each year. Annalee loves to celebrate trick-or-treaters and has created a series of dolls—introducing a few each year—that show off a classic favorite costumes. Start your collection of trick-or-treaters today with our 2017 Trick or Treat Set! And you won’t want to miss our Wizard of Oz series!

  • 6 inch mad scientist

    6in Mad Scientist

    Item #301017
  • 6 inch trick or treat dragon

    6in Trick or Treat Dragon

    Item #300917
  • 6 inch trick or treat cheerleader

    6in Trick or Treat Cheerleader

    Item #300817

4. Black Cats

The black cat is one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween—and often an instigator of superstitions. Black cats and witches go hand-in-paw as spooky symbols of Halloween. So if you want to add some haunt and spooky speculation to your festivities, add a black cat to your decorations! Annalee has many to choose from.

  • 4 inch kitty with cauldron

    4in Kitty with Cauldron

    Item #300017
  • 8 inch orange swirl scaredy cat

    8in Orange Swirl Scaredy Cat

    Item #301517
  • 6 inch candycorn kitty

    6in Candycorn Kitty

    Item #301117

3 Tips to Get You Started on Halloween Decorating

Tip #1 – Create a Halloween Wreath!

Greet your trick-or-treaters and fall guests with a seasonal wreath! The ability to pose Annalee designs makes them a great accoutrement to any seasonal wreath. You can easily attach one your favorite Halloween designs to a basic wreath to make it a true showstopper! Everyone will wonder where you found such a fun or potentially scary Halloween decoration.

Halloween DecorationsAnnalee Halloween Wreath

Tip #2 – Discover Coordinated Collections!

Not sure what to get this Halloween? We know it can be difficult to choose your favorites. Annalee makes decorating for Halloween a snap with coordinated seasonal bundles. Our trained team of designers has hand picked favorite items to provide you with one-stop shopping and unique themed collections that will certainly add some seasonal flair to your home. These also make great gifts!

Halloween Decorations from Annalee DollsAnnalee Halloween Trick or TreatersAnnalee Halloween Decorations


Don’t Miss the 2017 Wizard of Oz Series!
  • 6 inch trick or treat scarecrow

    6in Trick or Treat Scarecrow

    Item #300517
  • 6 inch trick or treat lion

    6in Trick or Treat Lion

    Item #300417
  • 6 inch trick or treat dorothy

    6in Trick or Treat Dorothy

    Item #300317


Tip #3 – Focus on the Treats!

Let’s face it. Halloween is about the treats (well tricks, too). Create display around dining areas, in the kitchen, and, most importantly, near the candy bowl! Our elves are the perfect hosts for your cauldron of candy corn.

Annalee HalloweenHalloween Deocrations


Shop Annalee’s Halloween Collection

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  • 2024 Candy Corn Mouse Family

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  • 310024 3in Candy Corn Mouse-WEB

    3in Candy Corn Mouse

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  • 312024 12in Haunted Elf with Candle

    12in Haunted Elf with Candle

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  • 311924 9in Ghost Hag-WEB

    10in Ghost Hag

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  • 311824 9in Candy Corn Frog

    9in Candy Corn Frog

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  • 311724 9in Candy Corn Elf-WEB

    9in Candy Corn Elf

    Item #311724
  • 311624 6in Mouse on Candy Corn Pumpkin-WEB

    6in Mouse on Candy Corn Pumpkin

    Item #311624
  • 311524-2-WEB

    6in Candy Corn Banner Mouse

    Item #311524
  • 311424 6in Mouse with Candy Goblet-WEB

    6in Mouse with Candy Goblet

    Item #311424