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Honoring Great Moms!


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Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing your photos and stories as part of our 2017 Why My Mom Is Special Contest. All of us at Annalee have been inspired by your amazing nominations, and are truly honored to hear about the beautiful, strong and special Moms in your lives.

It was very challenging to determine prize winners. So many of the photos and stories we received are incredible and heartfelt. We want to honor all the extra-special Moms who go above and beyond for their family, friends, and community. On behalf of everyone at Annalee, we wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

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Our grand prize winner will recieve a $100 Gift Card to Annalee and a personalized Mother’s Day Mouse Set.

Mother's Day Contest Winner

Congratulations Kathy L. of Naples, FL!

Nomination: “There aren’t enough words to describe this amazing woman. Every birthday, holiday, and event she has made so special, from the decorations to the cake. She was so vital in helping me plan my wedding this past November. It wouldn’t have been perfect without her. Every Christmas is so special because she would make the Annalee elves come alive every day for us when the three of us were little kids (before the shelf elf). This Easter she decorated the entire house and created an Olympic event for all of her kids and spouses to compete and have fun. She is honestly the most creative person and caring. Every memory that I can remember with her she is always smiling, and I know winning this would make her so happy. I hope you pick this deserving mom!”



These two runners-up prize winners will receive a $50 Gift Card to Annalee. Congrats Moms!

Mother's Day Contest Runner-Up Prize Winner

Congratulations Dorothy M. of Powell, TN!

Nomination: “My Mom is extra special – raising 7 children and running a restaurant she always made sure we had hot meals each day, clean clothes and plenty of love. At 51 yrs of age she went back to school and became a registered nurse, also setting an example for all of her children to get a good education. She constantly sacrificed for all of us so we could go to a good Catholic school, which was a start of college preparatory for all of us. Her sacrifices were daily just to cloth and feed us and make sure we had everything we needed. She also helped out others in need if possible. She is the best Mom ever and she cooks the best chocolate chip cookies!”

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Prize Runner Up for Mother's Day

Congratulations Rosemarie D.!

Nomination: “I may be biased but my mom is the best mom around. She has been married for 30 years and raised two wonderful children aged 25 and 23. My mom made the decision to leave her job at the World Trade Center in the ’90s so she can raise her children. Recently, she began a career in a NYC public school as a parent coordinator. She works over 60 hours a week! Even though her title states “Parent,” she does much more than that. She helps children with behavioral problems throughout the day, runs programs after school to help parents get engaged, and juggles thousands of tasks. My mom is always up for a fun time after her long days at work. She is never too busy or too tired to beat her children in Mario Party or a game of Scrabble. My mom is the person we go to when we have a problem because she knows how to fix everything. She is the person I go to when I need help with my education homework because she is the one who inspired me to become a teacher. My mom is perfect in every way from baking cookies to memorizing classic rock songs! My mom has been collecting Annalee for about 20 years. Every Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day, they come out of the closet and she lines them up perfectly. She has about 50 in total and no one can touch her Annalees!”



Happy Mother’s Day to theses incredible and inspiring Moms!