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Happily Ever After with Annalee


Bride and Groom SetWe specialize in celebrating love and happy memories here at Annalee. And we’re thrilled that the summer wedding season is here again, since creating heartfelt commemoratives for bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries is a special honor for us.

Whether it’s a couple of cats, a pair of pandas or a match of mice, Annalee has been designing different sets of brides and grooms for decades. While the designs have changed, the tradition of bride and groom dolls continues.

To celebrate the start of this special season, we’ve combed the archives for some of our favorite brides and grooms of the past.


Brides and Groom of the Past

Bride and groom dolls have been consistently featured in Annalee’s catalog throughout the years. While the designs have evolved through the decades, the 7-inch mice set continues to be a signature part of Annalee’s collection. We’ve also created some unique Annalee brides and grooms sets, including special commission gifts. The collections featured below include bride and groom designs since the 1960s.

Do you have any brides or grooms in your Annalee collection? Share your pictures and stories with us or shop our Memories and Milestones collection for your own heartfelt keepsake!

7” Mice: 2001,2000,1995,1994,1986,1985,1983,1982,1981,1980,1979,1978,
3” Mice: 1996Antique Annalee Bride and Groom
12” Mice: 1983, 1982

7” Human: 1999
3” Human: 1998, 1987
10” Human: 1997, 1984

7” Bunnies: 1993, 1992

10” Bears: 1991

10” Cats: 1987

10” Pandas: 2001

10” Frogs: 1981
18” Frogs: 1969

Gallery of Past Annalee Designs

Check out our gallery of special Annalee brides and grooms from the past! From frogs to pandas, look at how far the designs of these dolls have come!

1962: Memories of a Special Day
This set of one-of-a-kind dolls was a special commission present for a golden wedding anniversary. Annalee loves helping commemorate special occasions!

1962 Bride and Groom

1980 Bride and Groom
1980: 7-inch Mouse Couple
Frog Couple
1981: 10-inch Frog Bride and Groom

1982 Mouse Couples
1982: 7-inch and 12-inch Mice Couples

1984 Bride and Groom
1984: 10-inch Human Couple

1987 Human Couple
1987: 3-inch Human Couple

Couple of Cats
1987: 10-inch Cat Couple

Beary Marriage
1991: Bear Pair

Bunny Couple
1992 7-inch Bunny Bride and Groom

Mouse Couple
1996 3-in Mouse Pair

1998 Annalee Couple
1998 3-inch Human Couple

1999 Human Couple
1999 7-inch Couple

Panda Couple
2001 Panda Pair

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  • Groom Mouse

    6in Groom Mouse

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  • 3-inch Merlot Mouse

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  • 3-inch Grape Crate Mouse

    3in Grape Crate Mouse

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  • 9 inch wine waiter

    9in Wine Waiter

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  • 6in Happy Hearts Boy

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  • 6in Happy Hearts Girl

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  • 3in Corker Mouse

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  • 5in Wine Cellar Mouse

    Item #250918
  • 5in Puppy Love

    Item #850219
  • 5in Happily Ever After

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