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Halloween Photo Contest Winners 2023


Honorable Mention: Jennifer H., Chicopee, MA

🎃👻🕸️ Drumroll, please! 🕸️👻🎃 Gather ’round Halloween enthusiasts and spooky souls for the moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. The air is thick with excitement, the moonlight dances with anticipation, and the spirits of the night are whispering in the wind. After weeks of eerie suspense, it’s time to unveil the spine-tingling and utterly bewitching results of our 2023 Halloween Photo Contest! 📸✨

This year’s entries were nothing short of spectacular, and we extend a huge thanks to the incredible dedication and creativity of all our participants. The photos that were submitted showed detailed and festive arrangements charged with the spirit of Halloween, and each entry cast a spell on our hearts. It was so difficult to select only a few winners and runners-up but we felt these Halloween enthusiasts went above and beyond, embracing both the eerie and the extraordinary to create incredible displays that sent shivers (mostly smiles) down our spines. Get ready to be spellbound, enchanted, and utterly captivated. . .


Grand Prize: Chelsea G., Yucaipa, CA


Runner-Up: Crystal R., Feura Bush, NY

Runner-Up: Kasia K., Tempe, AZ


Honorable Mention: Tammy P., Irving, TX



Honorable Mention: Jeffrey L., Clifton, NY

As the curtains close on our 2023 Halloween Photo Contest, we’re left in awe of the enchanting spectacles you all conjured! To our winner, runners-up, and honorable mentions, your creativity knew no bounds, and we’re endlessly inspired. This year’s event was not just a celebration of creativity, but a testament to the indomitable spirit of Halloween enthusiasts who transformed their homes into enchanting realms of spookiness and wonder. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please check out all the amazing entries below. But fear not, dear Halloween aficionados, for another thrilling adventure awaits just around the corner. Get ready to deck the halls and capture the magic, as our Holiday Photo Contest is on the horizon, promising even more festive fun and spellbinding surprises. Stay tuned for details, and let the countdown to the next chapter of creativity begin! 🎄📸🎉