Fun in a Tub: Decorating with Annalee Dolls


It’s easy to bring Mother Nature indoors with the help of Annalee dolls. Create your own Fun in a Tub design to bring an island of natural delights to your home.

This self-contained display can be made quickly and easily. Once complete it can be moved with ease to any room in your home. It can also be adapted for any season or holiday. Best of all, you probably already have most of the dolls and materials ready to get started. We’ve recommended a few dolls that can be used. All the other supplies you’ll need can be found at a local craft store. Of course, this featured design can be adapted for any style of Annalee dolls.

Materials you will need:

  • Galvanized tub or basinFun in a Tub Supplies
  • Annalee frogs
  • Annalee ducks
  • Blue tissue paper, felt, or plastic
  • Styrofoam or floral arranging foam
  • Artificial greenery: ferns, aquatic plants, cattails
  • Rocks
  • Spanish moss
  • Knife
  • Screw driver


Step 1: With a knife, cut and fit the Styrofoam or floral foam to fit inside your tub to within four inches of the top edge.

Step 2: Cover the Styrofoam or floral foam with blue tissue paper or plastic.

Step 3: Place the dolls and the other design props into an initial arrangement.

Step 4: Using the screwdriver, poke holes through the blue paper or plastic into the foam base. Insert ferns or other greenery as a backdrop to the scene.

Step 5: Use the moss to finish the scene filling in around the greenery.

This is just one arrangement set. You can create alternative arrangements such as setting up the ferns and greenery in the center and placing the dolls and other props in the outer circle. You also can create swimming scenes for summertime, leaf-peeping arrangements for the fall, or an ice skating scene for the winter — all by incorporating different Annalee dolls and outdoor scenery. Use your imagination and bring the outdoors in anytime of year.

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