Fall Elves – 1960’s


Check out these two vintage Annalee elves from the 1960s

22″ Yellow Elf

Vintage Annalee Doll - Yellow Elf This is truly an original piece which includes an inscription from Annalee on his back which says “Hi Dorothia Naughty Annalee.” Underneath that you can barely make out additional writing in large lettering but it is not easy to read. He has a number tag attached to his side which says 271 and a white Annalee Mobilitee sewn-in label at the back of his neck which has a date of 1963.

He is wearing an all in one yellow body suit with collared neck and matching pointed toe boots with cuffed tops. We must not forget the matching yellow belt cinched in around his waist. Extremely detailed face with piercing green eyes and “Elfen” pointed ears poking out from under his yellow pointed stocking hat. All these details come together in harmony to complete this gentle elf. His expression of complete shock leaves the imagination wide open as to what story he is trying to tell. Originally retailed for $5.95 in the mid 1960’s.

Yellow Autumn Elf

Vintage Annalee Doll - Autumn Elf This adorable little elf is wearing his leaf greenery very proudly. His yellow wool felt hat matches his body covering and is adorned with a leaf ‘garland’ and matching ‘tu tu’. In wonderful condition, and as a bonus if you flip him upside down, you will see he is signed on the back of his leg by Annalee herself! There does not appear to be any fading or staining on him, but on his hat there is the remains of what may have been glue, which suggests he may have had an extra leaf or two there. He is wearing an expression that suggests he is in mid song.

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