We have a WINNER!


Extreme Mouse Makeover Winner
Winning Design
by Tina B. of Belmont, NH

Nearly 700 votes were cast…

and we are pleased to announce the winner of Annalee’s 2015 Extreme Mouse Makeover! Congratulations Tina B. of Belmont, New Hampshire! Tina’s unique “Ice Cream Mouse” design is just as sweet as can be! She took her time picking out the perfect little outfit including intricate details like a belt made from a dress strap, a black tie and a blue checkered collar. Tina accessorized the gray mouse with a GIANT ice cream cone and added a cherry on top for good measure. It doesn’t stop there…Tina also thought the mouse needed more character so she gave it eye glasses and a pink baseball cap! She was resourceful and clever in using the available materials to complete her design. She used pom poms for both the cherry and for the ice cream inside the ice cream scoop, which was made from a plastic measuring spoon! Tina worked with Annalee designer, Peggy Angelo to build her “Ice Cream Mouse”. This design is friendly and fun. It’s sure to be a big hit with Annalee fans of all ages! Thank you, Tina, for this great new design!

Congratulations Tina!

When can I order mine, you ask?

Tina’s “Ice Cream Mouse” will be part of Annalee’s Assembled in America collection! Like any other Annalee doll, this design will go through a parts and materials process. Patterns are made, fabrics are sourced and accessories are purchased. The doll will be built at the Annalee facility in Meredith, NH, using Tina’s design as a prototype. Annalee Facebook fans will have a chance to participate in naming this mouse. Once the name is chosen, it will move to the creative department where it is photographed and prepared for the catalog and website. This Extreme Mouse Makeover winning design will be available to purchase in February 2016!