Elf Dolls — A Fun Christmas Tradition


Christmas Elf Dolls

Why do mysterious elves capture our imagination? Maybe it’s because they are cute as a button. Or perhaps it’s their playful, mischievous antics! Whatever the reason, we have fallen in love with them because they simply make us smile!

Elf dolls have always been popular at Annalee, and our wide selection of elves is the proof in the pudding! In fact, our elf dolls with their unique pose-ability have become a holiday decorating tradition. Annalee’s elf dolls are made with flexible wire bodies that can easily be posed — the perfect accoutrement to a holiday centerpiece, Christmas tree, or festive package. We have seen elves used in all sorts of holiday decorating — and are inspired by the new photos you share with us every season. Whether you are already an Annalee collector or our new to these festive smiles, we encourage you to start the season with a little elf magic.



Mischievous Christmas Fun – Elf-Scapades!

Annalee’s magical elves are known for adding festive cheer to the holiday season! One of the best ways to enjoy their magic is to pose your elves in funny and entertaining positions. Many families have made a tradition out of posing an elf in different locations for the next lucky passerby to discover. It’s a fun and creative challenge to find new locations and elf-scapades around your house to catch your family and friends by surprise! Go ahead, give it a try! Can you make someone burst out in laughter? Spread joy this season with mischievous elf Christmas fun!

Fun Elf Doll for KidsElf on a Shelf Ideas

Like an Easter Egg hunt, see if your children can find an elf clinging to a stairway handrail, hanging from a light fixture, or as a Christmas tree decoration. These fun, mischievous poses will make your holiday season happy and bright—and very playful. Make this elf hunt a new family tradition. It’s a great way to keep children active during holiday get togethers. And as a way to promote creativity, holiday cheer, and silliness, post a photo of your best Annalee elf poses on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #AnnaleeSmiles.

Christmas Elf Dolls
Annalee Elf Dolls



What's Your Elf Name?

SeperatorAdd Some Elf Magic to Your Holiday!

What mischief will elves bring to your holiday traditions? Discover Annalee’s NEW 2017 Holiday Elf Collection! Whether you are looking to add to your collection, start a new tradition, or find festive gifts or package toppers — look no further. Spread holiday spirit this season with elves. What better way to celebrate the season and wait for Santa’s arrival than with an Annalee elf, or two, decorating your home!

  • 9in Bright Lights Red Pixie

    Item #860617
  • 14 inch special delivery elf

    14in Special Delivery Elf

    Item #501117
  • 12 inch winter berry elf - red

    12in Winter Berry Red Elf

    Item #500917
  • 12 inch winter berry elf-green

    12in Winter Berry Green Elf

    Item #500817
  • 9 inch festive red elf

    9in Festive Red Elf

    Item #500417
  • 8in Holiday Hugs

    Item #861116
  • Workshop Elf

    14in Workshop Elf

    Item #500616


Happy Holidays from all the elves at Annalee!


Hot Tip: How To Pose Your Elf!

To position an Annalee elf, first feel through to the wire frame and straighten each arm and leg to its longest length. Then place your finger at the logical place for a joint, such as an elbow, and bend in the desired pose. Just imagine the pose-abilities!

Annalee Elf Poses

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