DIY Wreaths – Celebrate the Season!


It’s that time of year once again—when holidays and festivities abound. Fall is in the air. Halloween is creepin’ up quickly, and it won’t be long till we’re getting ready to carve a turkey feast with family and friends. These special gatherings are a time of joy and celebration. We love sharing cheer and decorating our homes for these seasonal special occasions. Annalee collectors take special pride with these occasions looking for new ways to be clever and creative with their holiday decor. All the elves at Annalee love seeing how collectors integrate Annalee designs into these holidays and their traditions.

Annalee designs are a simple and easy addition to any holiday table. But our collectors don’t just stop there! We’ve been delighted by the unique ways our designs have been used to accent homes across the world. Whether it be the simple act of posing an elf on a shelf, or wrapping an elf into a wreath as a magical focal point—Annalee designs are ripe for festive fun! Holiday wreaths are a clever way to share Annalee smiles.

At this point Annalee doesn’t make many wreaths and hanging designs. But don’t let that stop you. Create your own DIY fall wreaths. With some simple accessories from a local craft shop you can bring your own vision to life. Pinterest is also jam-packed with some great DIY tutorial and ideas to create your own one-of-a-kind fall wreaths. Here are few examples of DIY fall wreaths we put together featuring NEW fall designs from Annalee.

Festive & Fun Fall Wreaths

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Spooky Halloween Wreaths

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Autumn Inspiration for Wreaths

New Designs Perfect For Fall Decorating