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Create a Wreath that WOWS!


Add some POP to your seasonal wreath!

Decorating your home’s entryway is a great way to show your holiday spirit. Annalee dolls make fun accents to holiday wreaths! Greet your guests with a smile by including an Annalee doll or two in your seasonal wreaths. Grapevine wreaths are great for Autumn and Halloween! The ones below are in our Gift Shop to inspire our customers! Find the dolls we used here:

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Autumn and Halloween Wreaths

Here are a few pointers to get you started…

  1. Location and Size: decide where you’re putting your wreath and what size to use. Will it be placed on your front door, an interior door, above your mantel, maybe on a vertical support beam or on a wall above your entryway table. Determining the location will help you decide how big your wreath should be given the space you have to work with.
  2.  Purchase your wreath base: Go to your local craft store and choose a wreath. Some types include grapevine, straw, and evergreen.
  3. Purchase or find some accessories: Look around your home and your yard to find some things to add to your wreath. Collect some nice pinecones, acorns and some colorful leaves outside, or take the easy route and purchase a few picks from the craft store that will enhance your wreath. Attach them to your wreath. Use hot glue if you want it to be permanent or floral wire if you think you’ll be taking it apart after the season passes.
  4. Add a fun focal point: Choose your favorite Annalee scarecrow, harvest mouse couple, or Halloween witch and secure it to your wreath using some floral wire. Try using more than one doll. Select sizes that fill the open space in your wreath. Position them playfully with a tilt of the head and a wave to welcome your guests!
  5. Make a bow: Purchase some coordinating wired ribbon and make your own bow. Decide how long the tails should be and if your bow will be centered at the bottom or top, or maybe it should be off to one side! Be thrifty and reuse a bow from another project or last year’s wreath.
  6. Hang and Enjoy!

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