Celebrating the Remarkable Mothers Among Us


Celebrating Remarkable MothersToday, we are absolutely thrilled to share the names of the extraordinary mothers who have been chosen as winners of our heartwarming 2023 Mother’s Day Giveaway! We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and appreciation from families across the country. It has been a truly inspiring experience to read all the heartfelt nominations.

Motherhood is a remarkable journey that encompasses love, sacrifice, and boundless strength. As we sought to recognize the incredible people who embody the spirit of motherhood in its various forms, we were moved by the stories of resilience, compassion, and unwavering support that poured into our nomination pool.

In these nominations, we found tales of selfless mothers who always put their children’s needs before their own, creating a nurturing and loving environment. We discovered stories of single mothers who single-handedly overcome obstacles and serve as beacons of inspiration for their children. We were touched by the tireless efforts of grandmothers, aunts, and other extraordinary figures who step into the role of a mother when needed, providing unwavering love and guidance.

Selecting winners was an incredibly challenging task, as every nomination was a testament to the strength and beauty of motherhood. We have included all the moms nominated in this post (below) and we salute them all. We want you to know that your contributions have not gone unnoticed. We were deeply moved by the stories shared, and we believe each and every nominee deserves recognition for the love they bring into the world.

Without further ado, we proudly announce the winners of our Mother’s Day giveaway, chosen for their exceptional qualities as mothers and the profound impact they have had on their families:

Mary Ann D. of Merrick, NY
Nominated by Daughter Linda P.

The grand prize winner will receive a $100 gift card to

Nomination Read: “When you are a grown up you don’t want to need your parents. You want to be independent and, if possible, help them, but sometimes life gives you challenges, like illness, injuries, and situations you just couldn’t possibly plan for. Some say their moms are the glue that keeps the family together, my Super Mom who is going to be 80 in October, is the grease on the wheels of this family that keeps everything in motion. Yes, my Mom’s house is the place we all gather to celebrate holidays and milestones, but she is so much more an integral part of our family. She wears many hats. If one of us, or her grandchildren, needs a ride to a doctor’s office, or a job, Uber Mom comes out! Whether driving us to a location, picking us up, or staying while a medical procedure is performed, we can count on her. As a pet owner you know sometimes you get stuck away from the house longer than you anticipated. You start to worry about your furry friend sitting home with his legs crossed waiting for you to take him outside, when that happens for us, Dog Walker Mom appears to save the day. More than just taking him outside she checks his water and food and even keeps him company, so he isn’t alone for too long. I’m sure Babysitter Mom thought after decades of helping take care of her grandchildren, she thought those days were behind her. But now, if we need to go somewhere where dogs aren’t welcome or are having repairs done in our home, her grand dog Powder can count on her to take good care of him at her house, just as she did for all of her grandchildren years earlier. He gets walks, treats, cold cuts, and love. Don’t want to throw away a favorite shirt you tore or stained? Well, after unsuccessfully trying to fix it yourself, Super Seamstress Mom can fix it. It’s much more than just a memory, I want to honor my Super Mom on Mother’s Day for her upcoming 80th birthday.”


All runner-ups will receive a $50 gift card to


All honorable mentions will receive a $25 gift card to


Maia S. of Midlothian, VA
Nominated by Daughter Casey M.

Nomination Read: “My mom has been through a lot, and has also grown a lot. She was a single mom to all of us kiddos for quite a bit, but always tried her best to give us everything. Not only does she take care of her little (almost grown) ones at home, but she also takes care of many little ones at work as a preschool teacher. She is very creative and loves doing projects with them and for them. We worked together a daycare at one point and all the kids loved knowing I was “Miss Ria’s” daughter. Not only do her own kids love her, but all of her students do as well.


As we conclude this beautiful chapter of our Mother’s Day giveaway, we want to extend a heartfelt wish for a joyous and love-filled Mother’s Day to all those who mother, whether by blood, by choice, or through the bonds of love and care. Your unwavering dedication and unconditional love shape the lives of those around you, and you are truly cherished and appreciated.

We thank every individual who participated in this giveaway, whether through nominations, support, or simply spreading the love. Together, we have created a tapestry of appreciation, celebrating the incredible people who mother in their unique and extraordinary ways. Happy Mother’s Day to all!