Celebrating Special Moms!


Moms are special. We should be celebrating motherhood everyday! But with the official Mother’s Day holiday on Sunday, May 9th, we wanted to give a big shot out to all the amazing women out there who mother or have mothered us. In big and small ways, Moms have a very significant impact. They give us roots and they give us wings. We asked you to nominate special Moms for us to celebrate this year. Please join us in wishing all these incredible women a very special Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners


Mother's Day Giveaway
Donna of Revere, MA
Congrats Donna! You are one awesome Mom. Donna was nominated by her daughter Meghan. This is what Meghan had to say: “My mom is amazing. She not only takes care of all of us but she makes sure she takes very good care of my daughter whom she babysits. My mom also made sure my husband and daughter were fed and had everything they needed when I was in the hospital on a vent with COVID. Despite being a mess about me being in the hospital, she made meals and washed their clothes and made sure they were okay. My mom is the rock to our family!”

Gina G. of Grand Island, NY
Gina was nominated by her daughter Carmella: “My mom is the most selfless person I know. She does everything for our family, she is a stay at home nana that takes care of her five grandchildren. Not only does she watch all of her grandchildren during the week but she hosts Sunday family dinner every week. She goes above and beyond to take of everyone else in our family and her friends before herself. She’s the real MVP of our family!”

Rachel H. of Lewisville, KY
Rachel was nominated by her granddaughter Emily: “I’m nominating my Granny as the special Mom in my life. We have about 60 years between us but you would never know! As a kid I would spend countless summers on her farm helping her tend to the horses, dogs, donkeys, etc. Not to mention I passed on a trip to Disney just so I could stay with her! It was her farm where I learned some of the most important lessons in life. I witnessed births, deaths, and the miracles that can be! As I fell in love with learning how to listen to those who cannot speak I hung onto every word she told me. My life has been enriched far beyond words because she let me tag along when tending to the animals. Because of that I worked hands on in a clinic helping animals and now work in animal medicine. When I have any victory or setback I call her. She is my sounding board, my best friend, my mentor, my world.”
Ann-Marie H.
Ann-Marie was nominated by her sister: “My Mom and I were like Nick and Nack, when you saw one you saw the other. We did everything together… We spent many days at the doctors, and the Cancer Center. We had the same Drs, even cancer Drs. I had breast cancer just like Mom, so after my radiation was done, I still had follow-ups. When Mom passed everyone was afraid of me falling into depression. This is when my older sister come into this picture. We didn’t always get along as kids and it was so so when Mom was alive, but since Mom has passed, she has really stepped up to the plate. Everyday I usually get a phone call to see how I am doing and how my boys and their wives are doing. She set up this google doc so that I could check off the things I needed to do for me. I had put myself on the back burner for so long she wanted to make sure I took care of myself. So I nominate my sister Ann-Marie H. for making me smile every day even when I have sad days.”

Marsha G. of Wickliffe, OH

Marsha was nominated by her daughter Amy: “My mom is the most positive thinker. She is a godly person, and always gives good advice and helps other people. She is dealing with Parkinson’s Disease and Myasthenia Gravis but never complains. She could use a pick me up to brighten her day!”

Mary Jayne G. of Valley Cottage, NY
Mary Jayne was nominated by her daughter Heather: “I’m nominating my mother, Mary, for the Annalee Mother’s Day Giveaway because Annalees make her smile, but she makes our family smile each and every day. She is a wonderful, devoted mother and nana who always puts the needs of her children and grandchildren first. She is our biggest cheerleader, and always supports and believes in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves. Since I was a little girl, I have been overwhelmed with my mother’s fierce love and unrelenting devotion. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with such an amazing mother, and that my three daughters are lucky enough to be graced with her love…”

Kim of East Greenwich, RI 

Kim was nominated by her daughter Gracie:“This is me and my mother. Her name is Kim. She is my best friend in the whole world. She makes me smile everyday. She is so supportive, kind, caring, loving and puts everyone before herself! I have a disability and she takes care of me. She always keeps me positive and she pushed me to be the best versions of myself. She is my rock and the most important person in the world to me! I love her with all my heart. Her mom was an Annalee collector and now me and my mom collect Annalees together! My mom is honestly the most amazing human being in the world no one is more willing to help and no one is more supportive and loving than her. She is my whole world and my best friend.”