Bushel and a Peck


Annalee was known to have said it. And you probably have use it, too. But what does it mean when you say “I love you a bushel and a peck?” And, more importantly, why have the elves created the playful new design with that name?


Bushel and a Peck Sheet Music

The phrase “a bushel and a peck” is believed to have originated from an old American folk song of the early 1900s. Composer Frank Loesser took the phrase and wrote a new song around it for the smash Broadway musical Guys and Dolls. The song, “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck,” quickly became a fan favorite and a popular hit song when it was recorded by several artists including Perry Como and Doris Day. Surprisingly and despite the song’s popularity, it was omitted from the movie version of the show. Today, however, the phrase has become part of our cultural lexicon, where we use a term but don’t often know exactly why.

The origins of the words “bushel” and “peck” go back to medieval England (1066-1485)where each word was used to refer to the size of baskets used to measure and store dry goods. Generally, the term “bushel” was used tomeasure larger quantities of dry goods, while “peck” was often used to measure smaller amounts. Both terms are still used today for general measurements.

Seemingly unrelated, the phrase “a bushel and a peck” that is used in Loesser’s song refers instead to an expression of love and affection, with the lyrics saying “I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.” It is unclear why Loesser chose to use the phrase, but it’s likely because he sought to cleverly express larger amounts of love and affection in a fun way. His word play worked and endures.

A bushel is a unit of dry measure equivalent to four pecks or 32 quarts, while a peck is a unit of dry measure equivalent to 8 quarts. These units of measure were commonly used in farming communities, where produce was often bought and sold in bulk. Over time, the phrase “a bushel and a peck” came to represent a significant amount. Today, thanks to Loesser’s song, the term has become synonymous with overindulgence and an abundance or something of high value, as the phrase implies something significant is being given, especially love. Most often, the phrase is used in a humorous and playful way.

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck ExclusiveHumor and playfulness are traits the elves just adore. So with a lot of love and an abundance of fun, the elves couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a very special I Love You a Bushel and a Peck design. The elves’ design tells the tale of a girl and her endless love for her kittens. She’s shown cuddling one kitten while another peaks out of a bushel basket. Her love for her pets is showcased with a dash of folksy, homespun humor. It’s a scene that warms your heart and, in true Annalee style, immediately brings a smile to your face. Definitely a bushel full of smiles.

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