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Annalee Rewards Information + FAQs

What is Annalee Smile Rewards?

Smile Rewards is’s customer loyalty program. Customers can earn points that can be used toward discounts every time they shop online. The more you spend, the more rewards you can reap! Smile Rewards is all about making your experience more fun and “rewarding.”

Does it cost anything to join Annalee Smile Rewards?

No. There is no cost to participate in the program. You must, however, have an account in order to earn points. Signing up for an account is easy and free. Make sure you are always logged into your account to earn and redeem smile points. Rewards are tracked to the email address used at checkout.

Who is eligible for Annalee Smile Rewards?

The Smile Rewards program is for customers that have accounts at with a valid email address. Wholesale accounts are not eligible. Smile Rewards points are earned and redeemed only through customer accounts making online purchases. Purchases made at the Annalee Gift Shop or retail stores will not be eligible for points. Orders placed over the phone will not receive points unless attached to the customer’s account and email address. Customers can only redeem points if they’re logged in and place the orders on

How do I join and activate my account?

If you already have an account at, you’re automatically enrolled in the Smile Rewards program! Log in today to check out your point balance. Please note: Smile points cannot be awarded retroactively for previous purchases.

If you are a new customer, you will need to create or register an Annalee account. You’ll receive 200 smile points ($10 discount) after signing up! Click here to login or register a new account.

How do I earn smile points?

The most common way customers earn points is by shopping! You can earn Smile points by purchasing from (1 point per $1 spent). You also can earn additional points by following Annalee on Facebook and Instagram (25 points each). Earn 50 points for leaving a verified buyer product review post purchase! (You can participate in this reward every 10 days, but only once per order, by following the link in our email invitation.) We also send our Smile Rewards members a special bonus on their birthday. To celebrate your birthday, 200 points will be added to your account. If you earn Holiday Hero (300 birthday points) or Serious Smile Elite (400 birthday points) VIP status, you will receive even more points on your birthday.

Annalee also introduced special earning campaigns for 2024. If you spend more than $250 in 2024, you will receive a one-time bonus of 100 points. If you spend more than $500 in 2024, you will earn another 200 points. And if you hit $1,000 or more you will get a bonus of 300 points. These campaigns are based on the calendar year and will only be rewarded one time per customer.

Please note: The Smile Rewards program was updated on January 2, 2024. There have been some adjustments to how customers can earn points based on these changes.
Click here to learn more about earning rewards.

What is the Refer a Friend Program?

Want to share Annalee with a friend? Refer a new customer to Annalee and we will send them a coupon for $15 off an order of $50 or more. Once that friend completes their first purchase we will add 300 Smile Rewards points to your account (this is a $15 discount to thank you). Please note: Annalee utilizes a third-party tool to manage fraud protection with our Refer a Friend program. Customers who have placed orders previously or who are in the same household as the referrer are not eligible for this reward. Click here to learn more about earning rewards.

What are the benefits of Annalee Smile Rewards?

Smile points provide discounts on future purchases! What could be better? We also have VIP tiers that offer additional benefits. Graduate to a new VIP tier with purchases (total spend) made within a 12 month period. The points you earn multiply at higher VIP tiers! There are some additional benefits to reaching new tiers including first notification of limited-edition designs and even exclusive free gifts. Click here to learn how VIPs earn even more.

How do I redeem smile points?

Redeeming your points is easy. If you have 100 points or more, simply click the red button at checkout to apply your points. Please note: This button will only appear on the checkout page and not when viewing your cart. If you are on the cart page you need to click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.” Points are redeemable only in 100-point increments ($5). You cannot choose to apply a specific number of points and your order value must be more than $1. Any unredeemed points at time of purchase will remain banked in your account.Please Note: Smile points and discounts cannot be used to cover shipping costs at any time.

How do I check my point balance and tier status?

Login to your account at Your point balance and tier status will be displayed on the linked Rewards page.

How do I get my exclusive free gifts?

Elite Serious Smiler VIPs are eligible to earn three unique exclusive designs every year depending on their annual spend. Distinct exclusive designs are available for those who spend $1,500, $3,000, and $5,000 or more and customers can earn all three. All customers who have spent $1,500 or more during 2024 will receive a special shipment in January 2025.

Do my smile points ever expire?

Yes! Your smile points expire after one year of account inactivity. Inactivity is defined as not earning or redeeming points by making a purchase during a 12 month consecutive period.

What happens to my points if I make a product return?

If you return an item, any points you earned will be deducted from your account. Any points used in the purchase of that item will be restored to your account.

Are there any restrictions on how smile points can be used?

Smile points are not transferable. Points cannot be used in conjunction with all promo codes (some exclusions may apply) and no points will be applied retroactively to any order. Smile points and discounts cannot be used to cover shipping and handling costs at any time. There is no maximum number of points that can be redeemed on an order but the order value must be more than $1 to proceed with point redemption.