Lindy Blake

Lindy Blake- Ambassador

Lindy Blake

Joyful Maker + Seasonal Decorator

Dallas, Georgia

Lindy’s Instagram BlakeByDesign is a source of creativity and inspiration. The elves at Annalee were enchanted by her unique style and exquisite tiered trays. The attention to detail and talent is bar none. Looking for some fresh ideas for upcoming holidays! Don’t miss it.

Q+A With Lindy

Tell Us Something Unique About You:

I hand-make unique accents of seasonal decor and love to design seasonal tiered trays. I love to integrate Annalee Dolls and find something really delightful about their happy smiles. They have something for every season!

How Did You Start Collecting Annalee Dolls?

I started collecting Annalee Dolls in 2020. Every holiday I find something that really coordinates well with my displays and inspires me to create something unique.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday to Decorate For? Why?

My favorite holiday to decorate for is Christmas. I love how the twinkling lights we add to everything make for such a festive and magical atmosphere and season.

Do You Have a Favorite Annalee Design in Your Collection? Why?

My most favorite Annalee (thus far in my growing collection) is a sweet Gingerbread Man ornament. He has such a charm and fits into so many decor spaces at Christmas! He’s the little gingerbread man that won’t run away!

Check Out a Few of Lindy’s Seasonal Displays