A Stitch in Time


Stitch_ExampleEvery Annalee doll represents the dream of one meticulous young woman who began creating dolls in 1934. Annalee Thorndike established her doll making hobby and business at an early age. She constructed each of her creations with great detail and love. She would dye felt, hand-paint whimsical faces, design outfits and stitch each seam with great care. Utilizing a furrier’s stitch, she was able to construct strong and timeless designs that would be cherished for years to come. Today, Annalee’s memory lives on with every new doll and creation—and the furrier stitch continues to be a signature element of Annalee design.

The furrier stitch has been used by furriers (craftspeople who work with fur) and surgeons as one of the best ways to connect thick pelts, hides, and skin together. This specialized form of stitching provides extremely tight sutures for secure, long-lasting closure. Annalee proudly uses the furrier stitch (also known as a blanket stitch) to guarantee the long-lasting, timeless quality of our dolls. As such, the furrier stitch has become an iconic detail of Annalee design.

StitchSee For Yourself

Take an up-close look at one of the whimsical faces of an Annalee doll and you will see the furrier stitch firsthand. But how do they stitch all those seams? A furrier sewing machine helps us produce the iconic stitching. Watch the furrier sewing machine in action in this video captured at Annalee’s headquarters in Meredith, New Hampshire:


Shop Our Assembled in America Collection

Annalee is proud to present its Assembled in America Collection. Featuring limited edition collectibles, each of the dolls in this collection is numbered and signed by the designer. Only 500 dolls of each design are available. Every Assembled in America design is assembled at Annalee’s Headquarters near Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, New Hampshire. Now that you’ve seen some of our craftspeople in action and learned about signature elements of Annalee design, shop today for a unique collectible gift that will be cherished for years to come.