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22″ Dartmouth Boy


Vintage Annalee Dartmouth Doll

This guy was special for two reasons, one is that he is signed by Annalee underneath his jersey in the back and secondly he was probably a special order, circa mid-sixties. He wears pleated wool pants and a knit sweater with a plaid shirt underneath. The foot wear is not the same as the 10” version of the doll.

Special attention has been paid to this doll’s shoes. He has vinyl laced machine stitched shoes and striped stockings. The shoes and the stocking are stitched together so they will not get lost. Yarn hair was still in use with some dolls of this era and also on the 10” version of this doll.

Check out the detailed ears on this guy. Female dolls, careful researchers will note, did not have ears. Hand painted detailing on his face gives this handsome young man a happy -go- lucky expression. The years have been a little unkind to this doll, with some holes appearing in his clothing and some fading and spot staining on his face, but this does not detract from the fact that he is still a fine example of a commemorative doll.College Days
Annalee Timeline 1960’s

The late sixties saw the introduction of animals to the lineup. The wire base, in one configuration or another, first made an appearance in this decade.

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