2024 Spring Photo Contest Winners


Tammy P., Irving, TX

A heartfelt thank you to all the incredible contestants who filled Annalee’s 2024 Hello Spring Photo Contest with an abundance of color, creativity, and joy! Your entries have transformed our virtual gallery into a kaleidoscope of springtime wonder, showcasing the diverse ways in which we welcome the season into our lives. From St. Patrick’s Day‘s clovers to Easter‘s bunnies, each photograph shared a piece of your unique perspective on spring decorating, and for that, we are truly grateful. Now, as we unveil the winners who stood out amidst this sea of inspiration, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty and camaraderie that flourished throughout the Annalee community. Together, we’ve painted a picture-perfect celebration of spring’s arrival!

The grand prize was awarded to Maryjo and Jerry S. of Bend, OR for their exceptional creativity in crafting displays that not only dazzled the eye but also narrated captivating stories through meticulously curated designs and strategic positioning. Their innovative approach effortlessly captured the essence of both Easter and St. Patrick’s Day, infusing each scene with a sense of fun and festivity. Congratulations to Maryjo and Jerry S. for their outstanding work that truly stood out amid the competition! Your $100 gift card is on its way!

Congrats to Maryjo and Jerry S., Bend, OR

We couldn’t resist highlighting two additional charming scenes crafted by this creative duo. The adorable Easter Ice Cream and Easter Dog Adoption and Rescue setups stole our hearts with their irresistible cuteness, deserving a spotlight of their own. Thank you for generously sharing these delightful creations with us! Each scene is a testament to your unique vision and impeccable attention to detail, leaving us in awe of your creativity. 🐾🍦

We’re thrilled to announce two incredibly festive and imaginative runners-up displays as well. Each of these talented contestants will receive a $50 gift card for, allowing them to further enrich their collections. The creativity displayed in these entries sparked a wave of excitement among the elves at Annalee, igniting a sense of joy for spring festivities and playful fun. While we’re constantly surrounded by Annalee designs, witnessing the unique and extraordinary creations from decades ago never fails to amaze our team. With more than 250 entries, the decision was tough as each submission was brimming with creativity and charm. Thank you to all participants for sharing your incredible displays with us!

Congrats to Lisa Marie B., Pace, FL and Mj508


Farmer’s Market is open!
RUNNER-UP: Lisa Marie B., Pace, FL

MJ508 - Runner up

Happy Easter!

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2024 Hello Spring Photo Contest! Your creativity and enthusiasm truly brought the essence of spring to life. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all participants for sharing your wonderful entries with us. Your contributions add an extra layer of joy to the season. As we celebrate Annalee’s 90th Anniversary this year, we’re thrilled to continue sharing the excitement with you. Stay tuned for all the fun surprises and delights we have in store. Here’s to many more years of celebration and creativity together!

A Few More Honorable Mentions

Please take a moment to review all the incredibly entrancing entries in this year’s Spring Photo Contest. They are brimming with cheer and delight, capturing the essence of the season with remarkable beauty and creativity.