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2021 Serious Smiler VIP Exclusives… Sneak Peek!


Fall is almost here and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season isn’t far behind. Before things get too hectic, the elves wanted to introduce the new 2021 limited edition designs available exclusively to Annalee Smile Rewards members who reach Serious Smiler status. This year, we have made an exciting change to the program. Serious Smilers can now earn up to three unique exclusives.

An Annalee Serious Smiler is a title held by all customers who have spent $1,000 or more during the year. Wholesale customers excluded. All customers reaching this Smile Rewards level will receive a special shipment of one, two, or three new exclusives based on their spend. Customers who qualify for a Serious Smiler exclusive will have spent at least $1,000 or more between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Customers who spent $2,500 will be eligible for an additional design and customers who spent $5,000+ will be eligible for a third design. These fantastic exclusives are only available to Serious Smilers and cannot be purchased anywhere.

VIPs Earn Even More: Become a Serious Smiler

As always, the more you spend, the more exclusive perks you receive as a member of the Annalee Smile Rewards program. Joining the Smile Rewards program is free. Each time you buy gifts, add to your holiday collection, or acquire one of our limited-edition designs, you earn points to redeem on future purchases. Each dollar you spend earns you one point. Graduate to one of our VIP tiers and earn even more benefits, such as our Serious Smiler special exclusives. Read more about all Smile Rewards benefits.

So let’s pull back the curtain and introduce you to our three new Serious Smiler exclusive designs.

2021 Serious Smiler VIP Exclusives

PLEASE NOTE: These images are design prototypes.
Final product is subject to minor style and accessory variations.

6in Sunny Day Ducky Couple - Serious Smiler RewardSerious Smiler Level 1 ($1000+)

Sunny Day Ducky Couple

  • This darling duo was designed especially for Level 1 Serious Smilers. If you have spent at least $1000 in 2021, the Sunny Day Ducky Couple will be on its way in January to brighten your day!
  • The two 6-inch yellow duckies are designed with a cheerful green and orange color scheme, perfect for ushering in spring.
  • The girl’s bonnet is made with a delicate daffodil print and is tied with a white satin ribbon. The boy sports a light green top hat with a green and orange satin band. He also has a light green satin bow at his neck and holds a coordinating umbrella.

Serious Smilers Level 2 ($2500+)

Island Girl and Sunny Day Ducky Couple

  • This beach beauty is enjoying some peace and sunshine on a tiny tropical island paradise!
  • Designed especially for Level 2 Serious Smilers who have spent $2,500 or more in 2021.
  • This sweet design features two palm trees and a beach scene complete with shells and starfish.
  • The girl in this design has lots of details including a trendy bikini, sunglasses and adorable sandals.

20in Dazzling Deer - Serious Smiler Reward-sideSerious Smiler Level 3 ($5000+)

Dazzling Deer and Island Girl and Sunny Day Ducky Couple

  • This unique and large deer is sure to dazzle your holiday display.
  • It stands approximately 20 inches high and wears and intricately designed blanket using an ivory base with a pretty green print border and gold trim.
  • A decorative element of pine with berries and jingle bells adorns its back. A similar element has been placed on the deer’s head while a beautiful red satin ribbon is used for the reins to complete the festive look.

Check to see which VIP tier you are currently in on our Rewards page.  Please make sure you are logged in to your account to see your current tier. Not sure what exclusive gifts you qualify for? You can add up your 2021 orders in the My Account section of the website. Those Serious Smiler members who have already qualified, and those close to reaching this status, will receive an email in early September. There is plenty of time in the busy months ahead to become a Serious Smiler! See the official Smile Reward FAQs here.

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