b'Free ShippingEverydayon orders over $79He is an awesome alligator, an impressive doll that is probably one of the most solidly built (and one of the biggest!) Annalee dolls that I have. Even my husband, who is not a fan of Annalee, was equally impressed with the quirkiness, the craftsmanship, and the size of the alligator. I cant wait to display him at Halloween with his witch friend and trick-or-treaters. -LauraBESTSELLER 8in Hocus Pocus Alligator Witch#311719$277in Pumpkin Octopus#311619 $256in Hocus Pocus Crow8in Hocus Pocus Cat#310419 $23 #311819 $27(shown on page 6) (shown on page 6)www.annalee.com | 866.494.0025 7'