b'5in Sugar Chefs Free Shipping#861718 $40 Everydayon orders over $79LOW Limited STOCK EditionsALERT ! Only 250 of each will be made! Sugar ChefsThey are so cutewill enhance my Christmas decorating with wonderful memories of baking with my children/grandchildren as a bonus. -Kathy F.6in The Mistletoe KissHeres the perfect set to represent you and your sweetheart at Christmas time. The mistletoe is held up over their heads in the tail of the boy mouse!#861818 $5016in Woody Workshop Mouse*This design is sure to make a statement in your home! Hes ready to get to work building toys for Santa! #862418 $80*Oversized shipping rates apply to this item - $19.999in Ski Bum Elf#862118 $35Annalee Exclusives - Assembled in America 25'